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Oscar Morel is a figurative sculptural painter from New York currently in the MFA program at Boston University. Oscar received his B.A. in Studio art and Computer Science at DePauw University in 2019. He is a Dominican artist focusing on narratives delving into the intersectionality of identity. He explores the iconographic significance of the afro Caribbean experience. Oscar’s work provides a recording and performance of identity, a splatter of thoughts, and rigid displays of specificity, both relatable to the people who share that space and windows for those who live outside it.

He provides a small dissection of cultural breaths, fleeting and reconstructing through the only way self is created; through an amalgamation of surroundings. As a child of immigrants, Oscar explores the loss of agency in one's history and the alterations needed to adapt in spaces unknown to both him and his caretakers. Stewing these factors into the melting pot of New York City provides acute moments of childhood and growth distinct to his displaced populous.

The work provides a feeling of repurposing through its materiality and decision-making in figuration. His sampling of other's works provides a visual language that lives and interconnects the work to one another, like physical ancestry. Oscar cultivates different textures and colors to build murals and landscapes. Places where the things he creates can live and breathe in an active display. By relocating fragments of former things and mixing them to create something new, seeing displays of himself in the worlds created

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